360 Degrees of Dental Care

Comprehensive and considerate dentistry for your family

We're committed to your safety and we're excited to welcome back all existing & new patients!

Know what to expect at your appointment


You’re looking for a Calgary dental clinic that cares about its patients the same way you care about your family.

That’s what we’ve created with Dental 360.

Our goal isn’t simply to fill a cavity or place a crown, but rather to enhance your family’s overall well‑being through your dental health, and to make sure you’re smiling ear‑to‑ear at every one of your visits.

Each member of our team strives to create an experience where your needs come first, and we’d love to meet you and show you how we meet that objective.


You’ll appreciate our all‑inclusive service(s)

Dr. Hans Meyer is the general dentist at Dental 360, and let’s be honest, naturally his passion is providing excellent dental care for you and your growing family.

Completeness of care and positive results are what we feel you’ll truly benefit from at our practice.

From tiny teeth to mature smiles, it doesn't matter your age or whether you’re looking to improve your health, function or appearance through dentistry.

Dr. Meyer and the Dental 360 Family offer a full range of services to help you achieve the results you are looking for.


Your family … meet our family

Our team has had roots in Calgary and this community for 30 years and we have over 100 years of combined experience providing professional dental care.

Our experience shapes your experience, which is ultimately our most important consideration.

From your very first appointment, we’re confident you’ll really feel and appreciate how our team upholds this commitment.

From the first time you and your family visit as new patients, we’re confident that you’ll feel and appreciate how our team demonstrates our commitment to you.