Becoming a Patient


The fact that you’re here on this page should already make you smile. 🙂

You’re taking a great step towards better dental health by seeking out a dentist that truly cares about you as a whole person, not just a set of teeth.

With that being said…


Welcome to our family!

As a new patient at our practice, you’ll be joining our big extended family, and at every interaction we think you’ll notice that difference.

From the first smile at our front desk to the parting smile on your way out, we aim to bring you the best possible experience throughout your visit.


Leave your worries behind

As you transition from your previous dentist, whether they're in Calgary or elsewhere, you’ll likely have some new questions.

Over the years we’ve come to understand the mentality of new patients well, and we’ll happily ensure that your questions are answered and your concerns are addressed so you’re at total ease when your dental chair reclines.

Anything you’re uncertain about will be answered when you book your first appointment with us, or you can always contact us ahead of time.


Let us get hung up on the details for you

We know that your experience at the front desk is just as important as your experience in the chair.

If you’re uncertain about your dental coverage or the process of moving your records from your previous dentist, you’ll feel much better once you speak with our team.

Having you understand your family’s benefit plans is important to us too, and we’ll always discuss your options for treatment instead of deciding for you. This lets you make an informed decision about what’s done for you, and how your coverage applies.

And yes, we do offer direct billing to the majority of insurance providers. We don't want you to pay out of pocket when you don’t need to.


The elephant in the clinic

Fear of visiting a dental clinic … anxiety … hesitations about booking an appointment … these feelings aren’t uncommon.

If you can relate, please keep in mind that not all dental practices offer the same experience.

Here, we treat you like a person more than a patient. This means that if you make us aware of your concerns, we’ll help you with them. Besides the friendly and caring atmosphere here, we have options like sedation dentistry that can make your personal experience more pleasant.


Still undecided? Not a problem!

We’ll make you feel at ease at your first appointment, from the actual treatment to the questions and information that you may like addressed.

But if you don’t find a web page quite as welcoming as a real person (which is understandable), then we’d welcome you to call us or schedule a short Meet & Greet.

This is a complimentary opportunity to ask your questions in person and not by email, and get an actual feel for the clinic environment. If you’re curious about options for cosmetic dentistry, this is a great way to start a discussion with us as well, at no charge.

Diagnosis and treatment options won’t be discussed at this short appointment, sorry, but you’ll be able to clearly decide about booking that first appointment where your personal health concerns will be addressed.

or call 403-264-6909

Start with our New Patient Exam and/or a hygiene appointment.

We're committed to your oral health and your safety... always.
Read our safety commitment and know what to expect at your next appointment.