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Dentistry for Every Stage of Your Life

We take great pride in offering our patients a holistic approach to dentistry, which has many meanings.

We offer dentistry that suits your family no matter what stage of life you’re each at, or what your needs are. And by growing and building a relationship with you, our dental team will remain in tune with your history and can help you make the right decisions about your health along the way.

We want you to be able to depend on our treatment for the long run, and we work tirelessly to show you how important that is to us.

Here are the types of treatment you can rely on from your SE Calgary dentist at Dental 360:


Sedation Dentistry

For routine care or surgical procedures, we offer oral sedation to ease your fears and apprehension about visiting the dentist. This allows you to benefit from the dentistry you need while feeling at ease.


Tooth Fillings

Our dental fillings use a tooth coloured composite resin material to promote the aesthetics of your smile even when restorative work is required.


Teeth Whitening

For a whiter, brighter smile, we offer both in‑office and take-home teeth whitening solutions. Our take‑home kits are an excellent alternative for major whitening, or as a touch‑up after having in‑office treatment.


Tooth Extractions

Dr. Meyer performs many aspects of oral surgery such as extractions, wisdom tooth extractions, dental implants and bone grafts. Should a referral be needed, he and our clinical team work very closely with specialists that we trust.


Gum Contouring

If you are seeking an improvement to your gum line, our soft‑tissue laser treatment may be the right option. From fighting periodontal disease to reshaping your gum line, or even treating cold and canker sores, we think you’ll be impressed with what a soft‑tissue laser can be used for.


Hygiene and Cleaning

You’re uniquely you, so we realize that you have individual needs and concerns. That’s why our hygienists will work with you to develop a plan and schedule that suits you. We bring a combined 50 years of experience (at this clinic) to help you maintain your oral health.


Dental Exams

A full dental evaluation will help reveal any possible problems or concerns as soon as possible. Early diagnosis of issues will often result in their treatment being easier and more effective. Dr. Meyer’s holistic approach means he’ll also pay special attention to how your oral health may impact your overall health.


Pediatric Dentistry

Good oral health starts with great habits, and great habits start with early education. To make our teachings and your child’s habits stick for a life time, we keep appointments extra fun, light, and personable with our younger patients. Paired with our team’s professionalism, we’re confident your children and you will be smiling after their appointment!


Dental Sealants

By covering the grooves and divots in your tooth surfaces with a protective layer, you can be better protected against the risk of cavities. This process can be beneficial for children, especially on back teeth that are harder to reach with routine brushing.



Invisalign® treatment is designed to straighten teeth without the use of traditional braces. As an adult, you might choose this method because it's less noticeable and less intrusive to your daily, professional life. Invisalign® is also available for teens in some cases. By using a series of clear aligners that fit over your existing teeth and are swapped out every few weeks, your teeth will slowly move into a straighter position over time.


Emergency Dentistry

If you’ve cracked a tooth, lost a filling, or are in any sort of pain, you’ll be looking for answers quickly. Get in touch with us now and we’ll discuss your options with you, for diagnosis, relief and/or emergency treatment!


Dental Crowns

A crown will help you protect your damaged tooth and can improve the overall look of your smile. Crowns are also used to cover a tooth after having root canal treatment, to preserve as much of the remaining natural tooth as possible. We take care to ensure your dental crown will fit your bite and offer a durable solution for you.


Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is the inner area within the root of a tooth, and the pulp within this canal may become infected if the tooth suffers from major decay or an untreated cavity.

Root canal therapy (Endondontics) describes the removal of the infected pulp and replacement with a biocompatible material, meant to help you preserve the natural material of your tooth’s roots instead of requiring extraction or a dental implant.

A crown will be placed on the tooth to complete the treatment, and your pain and sensitivity will be alleviated. Sedation dentistry is available if you’re anxious or fearful of the idea of root canal therapy.


Dental Implants

If you need to have a tooth extracted or replaced, the placement of a biocompatible implant within your jaw bone may be discussed as an option for you to consider. With an implant in place, and a dental crown affixed on top, you can have your complete smile again! We will discuss with you how a dental implant may be the best solution compared to a bridge or dentures.


Dental Bridges

If you have one or more missing teeth, a bridge may be a good option to restore your smile. With this procedure, the teeth on either side of your missing tooth will be prepared as anchor teeth, ready to be fitted with a crown, with a replacement tooth occupying the space vacated by your missing tooth.



A veneer is made of thin porcelain and is bonded to the underlying tooth. If you’re unhappy with the shape or colour of your teeth and want to change your smile, veneers may be a great solution for you! To discuss your options for cosmetic improvement, consider visiting us for a Meet & Greet to discuss your options.


Night Guards

You may not even realize that you have a habit of clenching your jaw in your sleep, or grinding, but we’ll discuss this with you if we see signs of damage. Then we’ll present your options for relief, including wearing a night guard.


Sports Guards

For children and athletes, a mouth guard is important for protecting your teeth and jaw from injury during sports. An individually designed sports guard will best protect against damage and will fit the shape of your teeth and jaw to maximize comfort.



Treatment with Botox isn't purely for cosmetic reasons, as we also use it to offer relief from migraines and TMJ issues. By preventing your muscles from contracting, it can help with clenching, grinding or headaches. Botox has been used successfully for decades and treatment at our clinic is a viable option if you experience discomfort in your jaw / TMJ or are looking for migraine relief.

We're committed to your oral health and your safety... always.
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