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Learning proper oral hygiene from a young age will set a child up for life. We are proud to provide an educational, friendly and approachable dental service for kids and their parents.

From a child’s first Happy Visit to their final dental exam before they head off to college, we can provide a wealth of dental wisdom to help them enjoy a lifetime of dental health.

And while we only see a child every 6 months at our Calgary childrens’ dentist office, parents and caregivers see them every single day. We know that parents are the best source of dental health encouragement, so we also share our best tips and tricks to help them manage their child’s oral health.

Paediatric dentistry in Calgary

We are proud to offer a comprehensive dentistry service for kids / children. The youngest members of your family have unique and complex dentistry needs, and they need regular visits to the dentist to make sure small problems don’t become bigger issues. If a child is afraid of the dentist or has a negative experience, this can impact their dental health for decades.  We see this often in older patients that come to us.

Our entire team is trained to work with young children to make their dental experience a positive one. And by working closely with you as parents, we can help you navigate everything from teething to orthodontics.

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Is Dr. Meyer a Pediatric Dentist?

Parents often turn to us before heading to a specialist Pediatric Dentist, and may only do so based on Dr. Meyer's recommendation of specialist treatment by a Paediatric Dentist seeming necessary.

Dr. Meyer is a general dentist, but his high energy and fun approach to dentistry help make your kiddos' trip to the dentist not just stress-free, but even enjoyable!  And when the dentist isn’t someone to be afraid of, children are more likely to follow advice and properly care for their teeth.

We recommend children should start to see a dentist from their first birthday.

Happy Visits at our Calgary Children’s dentist office

A Happy Visit is a great way to introduce your child to the sights and sounds at their childrens dentist. If you are transferring from another dental practice, we can also arrange a Happy Visit to help get your child used to the Dental 360 office and staff.

During a Happy Visit, we let your child explore the children’s dentist’s office and take a ride in the chair. We let them see the tools we use, hear the sounds and see how everything works. A Happy Visit should help to put your child at ease, allowing them to associate a trip to the dentist with positive memories.

A Happy Visit is also a chance for parents to ask questions. If you’re concerned about your child’s diet, worried about thumb sucking or want to know if your child is likely to need braces, we can answer these questions during the visit.

The hygienist team will also share their best tips for brushing and flossing techniques, and for getting kids excited about keeping their teeth healthy.

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