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Emergency Dentistry in Calgary

If you're in pain, it's an emergency.

If you’re wondering if your dental problem is an emergency, don’t waste time looking for a definition.  If you think it's a dental emergency, it is a dental emergency.

Dr. Meyer is proud to offer emergency dental support to the residents of Calgary.  Patients and non-patients can turn to Dental 360 in a dental emergency.

Urgent Care and Dental Emergencies

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Dental pain will not go away without intervention, so never delay treatment.

Patients and non-patients can find emergency dental support from Dr. Meyer.

We aim to see all emergency patients on the same day or within 24 hours during the week. Out of hours, we may provide emergency treatment, phone support or prescriptions to help you manage your symptoms until you can get in the dentist’s chair.

Experiencing a dental emergency?

We are open from 7:00am - 4:30pm from Monday to Thursday.

  • During office hours:
    Call 403-264-6909 and let our friendly team know you have a dental emergency.  We will try to get you in for an appointment on the same day, or within 24 hours.

  • Outside office hours:
    Call 403-264-6909 and listen to our recorded message, which will guide on on how we can help.  Dr. Meyer will decide if you should visit our Calgary office right away or if you require a prescription.  He may offer self-care advice and an appointment for the next morning if that is the best option.

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Emergency dentistry appointments in Calgary

In a dental emergency, the focus is always on diagnosis and pain relief. This means that a dental emergency appointment might not work the same as a routine dental exam.

You may need to book a follow-up appointment for treatment, but Dr. Meyer will do everything to ensure your pain is under control and you are not at risk of further damage. What could this look like?

Every emergency appointment is different. The treatment that is provided will depend on when you can see Dr. Meyer, the type of dental emergency and the time available for treatment.

  • If you have broken a tooth, Dr. Meyer may file away any sharp edges, prescribe pain medication and book a follow-up appointment for a complete restoration.
  • If you have pain from a dental abscess during the week, Dr. Meyer may take X-rays to assess the problem, prescribe antibiotics and pain medication, and schedule a root-canal for another day.

If you experience a toothache on the weekend, Dr. Meyer may send a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication to your pharmacists and schedule a consultation for Monday morning.

What are the different types of dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies are typically the result of trauma or decay. Typical dental emergencies include:

  • dental-checkmark

    A broken or chipped tooth

  • dental-checkmark

    A knocked-out tooth

  • dental-checkmark

    Toothache which cannot be controlled with pain medication

  • dental-checkmark

    Swollen gums, cheek or jaw

  • dental-checkmark

    Loss of filling or crown

  • dental-checkmark

    A broken dental restoration

Our phone line is set up to accept emergency calls after-hours, so you never need to worry about calling with an emergency problem.  Reach us at 403-264-6909.

Need an Emergency Dentist?

If you're in pain, don't ignore it.

Dental pain will not go away without treatment.  If it does, it could mean that the problem is actually getting worse.

Questions for your Emergency Dentist

What helps unbearable tooth pain?

A toothache can be managed with pain medication such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin. You could also try a topical numbing agent that contains benzocaine to provide relief. A cold compress can also help to control inflammation. If it is keeping you awake, try sleeping with your head slightly elevated. A saltwater rinse can also provide some relief.

How do you deal with a dental emergency?

This depends on the dental emergency. If a tooth is knocked out, keep the area clean and try to save the tooth. If you can push it back into the socket, this will help preserve the tooth.  If not, store it in milk until you can visit an emergency dentist like Dr. Meyer.  For a chipped tooth or lost filling or crown, keep the area clean and try to avoid touching it with your tongue; there may be sharp edges.

Is a painful cavity a dental emergency?

While you might not need to see a dentist the same day, you should treat a painful cavity as an urgent matter. If left untreated, the decay can spread and damage more of the tooth. A simple cavity could soon require a root canal and crown if not addressed.

Can an emergency dentist service prescribe antibiotics?

Yes, if you have an active infection that is causing you pain, Dr. Meyer can prescribe antibiotics that will help to bring the infection under control. Since numbing a "hot" tooth can be much more difficult, it’s often best to get the infection under control before exploring the next stage of treatment. This could include a root canal or an extraction.

All services are provided by Dr. Meyer, a general dentist in Calgary.  The term "Emergency Dentist" is not a term or specialty recognized by the Alberta Dental Association & College (ADA&C) and is used on this page as a convenience for visitor understanding.