About Dental 360

Healthiness All Around

Our mission is to make your overall dental health our priority.

We offer a wide array of dental treatment, from routine care to oral surgery if necessary, and our goal is to offer them in an environment where you’ll feel as comfortable as home. Or, realistically, as close to that as possible.


Comfort of space = Comfort of mind

We believe that if you feel comfortable, you’ll also be more open about your dental health. Not just an open mouth, but an open mind.

With that, you’ll be more receptive to our support for creating great oral habits, properly caring for your teeth, and keeping up with regular hygiene appointments. These, of course, all promote the best dental health you can give yourself!

The Family Circle

From your children’s first visits to protecting our patients’ grown smiles, we offer full dental care for any stage of your life.

We’re dedicated to treating your dental needs for years, so you can trust and depend on us as your family grows.


New Growth, Old Roots

Dental 360 is a new name for this practice, but members of our team have been serving patients in South Calgary for decades, with the same attentive care. Our staff have nearly 100 collective years of experience at this clinic, helping long-term patients in this community and surrounding areas.

With that experience, each member of the Dental 360 Family has an ingrained passion for dentistry within them. You can expect knowledgeable and friendly staff at our clinic that will take the time to know you, your family, and your concerns, and we strive for an experience you can depend on at every visit.


Putting You at the Center

Professional dentistry is a fundamental part of our values, and everything we do focuses on you receiving the best treatment we can provide.

Staying current on the latest procedures and technology helps us detect issues earlier, avoid invasive treatment options when we can, and stay on top of your overall health.

Being in tune with any anxieties or hesitations you may have means we can provide a more personable experience with less fear or discomfort.

Understanding and discussing your insurance coverage with you will put you in control of your treatment and allow you to decide on your options with confidence.


See how his values and history shape the experience you can expect at his practice.


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We're committed to your oral health and your safety... always.
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