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Around the time Y2K was a thing, I started working as a receptionist in the dental field and I found the career that was right for me. In 2013 I joined the Dental 360 Family and I’ve been enjoying the camaraderie and cheerfulness of this clinic ever since.

My own family has a smaller head count of three, with my wonderful husband of 14 years and a son we adore. Who am I kidding, we have 2 more fuzzy family members and we find joy taking our 2 dogs out camping, hiking and exploring!



Dental Assistant RDA

Some sidekicks don’t like the title of sidekick. While I’m okay with it, I like to say I act as Dr. Meyer’s Right Hand Gal instead. Since joining the team in 2010, we’ve partnered in promoting awesomeness in dental health… one patient at a time.

I’m also the clinic’s musical lead, since I’m always singing and humming every song that comes on the radio. Sorry if it’s contagious, since it can be hard to join in when you’re the patient. :)



Hygienist RDH

I playfully pride myself on having the biggest family at the practice, and embrace the challenges and rewards of leading a troop of 5 kids. Naturally, my hobbies include taxi service and cheerleading for the many practices and events we’re involved in.

Dental hygiene has been part of my life for over 25 years and I’ve love the interactions with the patients I’ve come to know over the years, and meeting new people like yourself.



Hygienist RDH

It’s all about family at this practice, and family is what brought me to Calgary as well. After graduating from the University of Manitoba, I headed back West to be closer to mine, and I’ve found a great home here.

I love my place here at Dental 360, and the atmosphere and people really support my values. Providing optimal oral health care is big for me, and I’m passionate about educating my patients.

I’m the clinic foodie, and I love seeing what Calgary’s restaurant scene has to offer each season. Share your suggestions with me!


Uyen (Win)

Hygienist RDH

I love the relationships I get to build with my patients, and seeing their growth over the years. It warms my heart hearing someone say they “can’t wait until their next visit” (yes, really) or “I can’t wait to see what colour your hair is next time!”

Like Dr. Meyer, I hold family near and dear . I married my high school sweetheart after 20 years of history, and our dynamic duo grew to a trio when we recently welcomed our beautiful daughter.

I’ve been a hygienist since 2007 and I pride myself on providing a nurturing, easy-going and educational experience while you’re in my chair.



Sterilization Assistant

I’m the neat freak!  My work revolves around microscopic organisms... the one thing I’ll advertise as not being welcome at our clinic.  Ensuring that every instrument being used is clean and germ free is my key responsibility.  Breaking the chain of infection is what I do best!

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